You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: Yndling Takes You on a Dreamy Journey With “Cotton Candy Skies”

The Daily Feature: Yndling Takes You on a Dreamy Journey With “Cotton Candy Skies”

Today’s Daily Feature is “Cotton Candy Skies” by Norwegian dream pop artist Yndling. The lyrics of the songs talk about experiencing emotions that may make one blue and trying to turn them into something positive. Recognize those feelings, but don’t get too overwhelmed, and try to think of a way to turn them into positive ones. Such important lyrics for the feelings and emotions we are feeling right now.

The artist had this to say about how the song came to be:

The idea for the song came as I was walking home one evening and the sky was really brilliant with pink clouds all over. Normally I’m quite good at making small moments like that lift my mood and feel better, and it kind of struck me that I hadn’t really been doing that well on being present in my life lately.

“Cotton Candy Skies” is filled with dreamy and gorgeous synth riffs that take the lead. These riff take the listeners down the song’s path as their dreamy tones help to paint a melodic portrait. The synth riffs, along the bass, have a certain serene to the, and it quite soothing. Yndling’s vocals also guide the listeners as their hazy, soft tones help to set the song’s nonchalant mood.

If you are looking for a tune to get you out of that funk and turn your negative into positives, consider listening to Yndling’s “Cotton Candy Skies”. With its dreamy and serene synth riffs, the soft, hazy tones of the artist’s vocals, and such encouraging words, Yndling’s latest single is such a gorgeous tune that cannot be missed!

Make sure to listen to “Cotton Candy Skies” down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Yndling


Yndling is the dream-pop project of Norwegian artist Silje Espevik. This musical endeavor is the result of wanting to take complete creative control over her music. Through delicate soundscapes and oscillating synths, Yndling invites listeners into her own world, offering a place of escapism and resonance through her lyricism.

Yndling takes influences from artists and bands such as Beach House, Tops, Crumb, Hatchie, and Mazzy Star. When it comes to songwriting, the Norweigan artist often allows her feelings or experiences to engross her for a while in order to fully submerge herself in the reality of the emotions. She explains, “I think there is so much power in letting a feeling or experience be all-consuming, just for a little while, and I really need that to write music.” 

Along with always trying to be as honest and vulnerable as possible, Yndling has an understanding that when writing, it is important to “throw away the fear of being too honest or maybe telling a truth that’s not recognized by everyone else and that may feel a little too close for comfort.” Yndling offers a kaleidoscope of imagination and feeling throughout her music and ensures her lyrics are just as positively affecting.

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Yndling Takes You on a Dreamy Journey With "Cotton Candy Skies"

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