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Why YOU Must Listen to UK Indie-Pop Band Talk in Code

I am going to start this post with a huge apology to the UK band Talk in Code. I promised them a spot on my blog, but I never did a write up for them as life just got in the way. It is no excuse for what I did, especially interviewing the amazing members, and I am deeply sorry. Now that life slowed down, I can finally write about this amazing band.

Again, I’m extremely sorry for not writing about this amazing band. You should all check out Talk in Code and all of the songs they have released. They have a really great sound and each member is extremely talented as well as down-to-earth.

Here are three songs that the band released this year: “Talk Like That”, “Courage”, and “Taste The Sun”. Listen to all three and let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

“Talk Like That”

The very first song that I ever listen to was “Talk Like That” and I was hooked! The ambient vibe, the smooth vocal tones, and the awesome riffs from the guitars make the song a must-listen! Of course, you should check out the chorus as it such a beautiful combination of the vibe, the vocals, and the instruments.

“Talk Like That” has both cool and warm. The warmth comes from the high-energy as it the tempo is pleasurable yet bouncy. The cool feeling comes from the smooth, euphonious vocals and such parts during the bridge. Each vibe of cool and warm complement each nicely and makes the song even more pleasant.

This song is my go-to song for an upbeat tune as it is such an infectious one. The beats, the energy, the moods, and the talented musicians. When I first listened to the song, I thought “This band has so much potential and everyone must check them out”. Don’t pass up “Talk Like That” or you will regret it!


“Courage” was released soon after “Talk Like That” and it such a poignant song that deals about saying goodbye to a relationship that ended. (I hope I got that wrong if I did get wrong, let me know in the comments). These lyrics really speak to us as we have experienced this painful goodbye once in our lives. I know I have!

Even though “Courage” is a slower tempo song than “Talk Like That”, it also displays the band’s talents as musicians and song composition. Take a listen to the chorus, which a magical explosion of vibrant sounds and musical texture that makes you addicted to the tune. But, not just listen for the chorus as every part of the tune is a must-listen.

“Taste The Sun”

“Taste Like The Sun” is the band’s newest single. It starts with a synthesized bit that sounds the sun: bright, warm, and energetic. The song centers around the main vocalist’s saccharine vocals. The delightful vocals guide the listeners throughout the song, To help the vocals tell the song’s narrative are the lyrics, which inspires the listeners to “taste the sun”: embrace the day and make the most of it.

So WHY do you have to listen to Talk In Code? Because their music and the band itself is awesome with its infectious tunes, enormous talent, and attractive vibes. Talk in Code has a lot of potentials and is a must-listen!

Which one did you enjoy? Let me know in the comments below!

About the Band: Talk in Code

Talk In Code

Talk in Code is an indie-pop band from Swindon, United Kingdom. The band comprises of four members: Chris Stevens (guitars, vocals), Alastair “Snedds” Sneddon (guitars, programming), Mark “Titch” Turner (bass, programming), and Jamie O’Sullivan (drums). The band first recorded material in 2014 with their self-titled album and single “Make It Happen”. They have since recorded many singles as well as a couple of albums.

The band hopes the readers and listeners interact with them on social media and they enjoy hearing from anyone.

You can check out Talk In Code at these following sites:

Official Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | Youtube | Soundcloud

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Why YOU Must Listen to UK Indie-Pop Band Talk in Code

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