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The Daily Feature: Indie Pop Artist Zenia’s “High” Tackles This Common Personal Mistake

Today’s Daily Feature is “High” by American Indie Pop artist Zenia. The artist had this to say about the song:

I wrote this song about people being completely unaware of their impact on others and constantly blaming external sources for their own mistakes. The intention behind the lyrics is not what is described. It is rather the description of one experience with ignorance and to be aware of what living in numbness is like so one knows what not to be

Although Zenia’s “High” features dark tones in the instrumentation, there is some sort of an airy element to it. Probably it is in the vocals with their light yet raspy tones. You can the airy element mainly in the chorus when the singer sings “I’m so high, high, high” in a staccato beat that goes upwards. Yet, there is a time when the vocals are grounded in a low melody. This is during the break towards the end, which offers a nice contrast and makes an interesting turn in the song’s progress.

The dark yet melodic instrumentations help to guide the vocals on the song’s journey. The vocals are one-half of the song’s main stars. The other half is the lyrics which are cleverly written to help tell the main message quoted above. This combination of dark instrumentations, melodic vocals, and relevant lyrics is what makes “High” such an inviting listen. If you are a fan of Maty Noyes and Billie Eilish, you have to check out Zenia’s “High” today!

Make sure to listen to the song below and tell me what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Zenia


 Zenia is a pop artist and songwriter based in Los Angeles. She just released her second single of 2021 called “High”. Zenia is originally from Seattle and now is based in Los Angeles. She got her start in music as a kid and has written over 200 songs since. Recently, she decided to rebrand her project and released the first song called  “Favorite Song” a few months ago which reached over 100k streams across all platforms. She is currently working on new music that she will be releasing throughout the year! 

Make sure to check out Zenia at the following:

Instagram | Soundcloud | Spotify

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Indie Pop Artist Zenia's "High" Tackles This Common Personal Mistake

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    Thanks for sharing!! Love finding new music ⭐️

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    Such a unique song and she sounds talented too!

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    Both my daughter and I love your blog where we always find new music and musicians.

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    I love Indie Pop and the vibe of this song is fire! Love it!

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