You are currently viewing Zkeletonz’s “Don’t Be So Lonely Now”: A Blazing Electropop Message of Being Yourself

Zkeletonz’s “Don’t Be So Lonely Now”: A Blazing Electropop Message of Being Yourself

“Be weird, be unusual, be yourself!”

In our lives, we have experienced in trying to fit into a certain mold presented by society. One that we think we should fit into in order to be liked by others. People think that they have to be normal in order to live. We forget to be ourselves and be unusual.

One tune that has been constantly playing on my Spotify lately is “Don’t Be So Lonely Now” by UK Indies/Electropop band Zkeletonz. It is a tune that gives listeners a warm hug of assurance to be yourself. But, how? Continue to read to find out!

Don’t forget the listen to the song while reading my review. Let me know what you think of the song in the comments.

“My Mind is Made Up!”


“Take your medicine! And don’t you break the mould…”

You never heard words like that before, right? But, we have heard of a variation of this before, many times in our lives. “Don’t stick out”, “Don’t do that or others might think something,” and “People will laugh at me if I do that” are some examples we hear that we need to try to be normal. Our friends, our parents, our peers, our teachers, and others in the society around us have told this message many times before.

Zkeletonz brilliantly explains this metaphor of how we have to fit into a certain society in the lyrics of “Don’t Be So Lonely Now”. Throughout the verses, the singer croons various statements that society has told us in order to fit in. However, by the chorus, the character of the song is fed up: “My mind is made up, I won’t try to be lonely now! I wouldn’t try to fit in anymore!”. The character has made its decision, it wants to be unique, odd, and themself!

We can relate to the lyrics of the song quite well. For me, I always been trying to tell myself that I have to fit into a certain group to have friends. It is only recently that I wrote in my daily diary that being unique and odd is a good thing, it’s not a bad thing. It’s ok to not to fit in or be part of a group as you are never lonely when you be yourself.

How about you? Have there been moments in your life where you try to fit into a certain mold in order to be liked by others? How have you overcome it?

Not Just the Lyrics


“Don’t Be So Lonely Now” by Zkeletonz has a really great message in the lyrics, but it also has a wonderful groove! From the first beat, the song will have you get on your feet, dancing along to the blazing beat. The synthesizers, in the beginning, set the song on fire with that amazing entrance. Then the cool vocals come in with a funky guitar part that gives the song that dance groove.

Zkeletonz’s newest single is a must-listen for its groovy beat and the positive message found in the message. If you like “Don’t Be So Lonely Now”, you should check out their discography as there are so many great tunes. This band from the UK is a remarkable talent with their sensational grooves!

Listen to Zkeletonz’s “Don’t Be So Lonely Now” down below and tell me what you think about the song in the comments!

About the Artist: Zkeletonz


In January 2020, Zkeletonz were selected as Wilton’s Music Hall Emerging Artists (Dance/Electronic) by a panel of judges including The Feeling, DJ Yoda, and the English National Opera.

Zkeletonz will now be mentored by DJ Yoda and receive a commissioning budget to make their audio-visual stage show even more spectacular, then perform it in the 400-capacity Grade II* listed Victorian theatre (date now TBC due to Covid-19).

Zkeletonz performed last summer at the 60,000-strong Godiva Festival in their hometown of Coventry (The Specials) and were broadcast live on BBC radio. Then, in March this year, they were invited to headline Camden’s Latin Groove Bar as part of the BBC 6 Music Fringe Festival.

Make sure to check out Zkeletonz at these sites:

Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify | Soundcloud

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Zkeletonz's "Don't Be So Lonely Now": A Blazing Electropop Message of Being Yourself

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